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Picking out a new name for your bundle of joy is tough! Names are important after all; your name is the first thing people will identify you with and one of the few things you will carry with you throughout your life. Hence why many parents struggle with choosing a name for their new baby.  Here are a few popular baby name suggestions  (and their meaning) that may help;

  1. Archer – bow or bowman; comes from surname most commonly used by those born of skilled archers
  2. Ash- this name is of Hebrew origin and means happy; it can be used as a full name on it’s own r can be short for Ashton or Asher
  3. Booker – an english name that means “scribe”; it is also the names of a African-American hero name with literary and musical association.
  4. Bowie- Comes from the  late British musical  idol- David Bowie
  5. Clark- comes from the surname clerk or cleric; and is growing in popularity because names of fictional superheroes are making a comeback.
  6. Cyrus – derived from Persian king, Cyrus the great
  7. Daisy – a perennial flower
  8. Dylan – means son of the wave, born near the sea
  9. Ember – spark burning low
  10. Esme – French name that derives from esmer (to love); can be used as a full name on it’s own or can be short for Esmeralda
  11. Greer – means watchful and vigilant
  12. Iris – has two meanings; an iris is a flower but the name is more commonly associated with the mythological greek goddess of the rainbow
  13. Isadora – means gift of Isis
  14. Lachlan – means gift of the lake
  15. Lucian  – a French name which means “light
  16. Lux- derived from the spanish word, luz, this name means “light”
  17. Mirabelle – derived from the Latin word mirabilis, this name means wondrous or wondrous beauty
  18. Osiris – Egyptian name meaning “God of the Dead”
  19. Pearl – this name means precious
  20. Reuben – a Hebrew name that means, “behold the son”
  21. Sadie  – a nickname for Sarah, meaning princess
  22. Sage – a French name meaning “wise one”
  23. Soleil – a French name meaning “sun”
  24. Sybil – a Greek name meaning “prophetess
  25. Thor – the mythological God of Thunder
  26. Vera – a name with a Latin origin that means “true”
  27. Winnie – means fair one; white and smooth; soft; happiness; or fair and pure

There are plenty of other popular baby names out there, these are just a few. Let us know which names you like best and any other names that interest you.