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There are many questions and theories regarding fertility. Here is a Q&A that consists of the most asked about areas of fertility. Hopefully this should be helpful!

Q: Can my birth control cause infertility?
A: Using birth control will not negatively affect your chances of becoming pregnant. Every reversible method of contraception assists to prevent pregnancy while you are using them, but do not halt the possibility of you becoming pregnant when you stop taking them.

Keep in mind, the specific type of birth control you use may affect how soon you can get pregnant once you stop using it. Be sure to check your specific birth control with your doctor.

Q: Will an irregular menstrual cycle prevent me from getting pregnant?
A: The short answer is no. There are many other ways to find out when you are ovulating aside from having regular periods. Look into purchasing and ovulation prediction kit, using your cervical mucus, or your basal body temperature.

Q: Will the timing of when I have sex influence the gender of my baby?
A: Your baby’s gender, eye color, hair color, and much more is already determined before conception. Here’s why:

1, During ovulation the ovaries release a mature egg that begins to travel through the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

  1. Sperm travel through the uterus to fertilize the mature egg within the fallopian tube.
  2. Both the egg and the sperm have 23 chromosomes that will create the zygote which contains a total of 46 chromosomes. Two of those chromosomes (one from your egg and one from your partner’s sperm) determine your baby’s gender.

You see, a woman’s egg only contains X sex chromosomes while a man’s sperm can contain either an X or Y sex chromosome. The father’s genetic contribution always determines the sex of the baby.