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Statistics provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control have revealed that 2 out of every 3 babies will be diagnosed with acid reflux. Acid reflux can greatly irritate an adult but can be handled with a restrictive diet and medication. However, those same symptoms can cause an infant a great deal of pain. Using the Bare Air-Free bottle designed by Bittylab can help to lessen the chance that babies will suffer from acid reflux and other related gas issues.

The Bare Air-Free bottle is the only bottle on the market that provides air-free milk, feeds in upright position, and allows the baby establish the suction and regulate the stream and pace in which they feed. This product also adapts to the feeding habits of the baby and does it’s best to mimic the birth mother’s breast.

The Bare Air-Free bottle offers 2 different nipples for a better latch. Both of which provide Flow-Control Technology. The 2 nipples offered are:

  • Easy-latch: This nipple has a standard shape and is good to use if your baby is bottle-fed. The shape creates a closed latch and seal to prevent any air-swallowing.
  • Perfe-latch: If your baby is breastfed, the shape of this short tip on the Perfe-latch helps the baby to latch on to the areola part with a tip the extends when suctioned.
  • Both nipples have Flow-Control® Technology.

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