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Yesterday marked International Yoga Day. In previous posts I’ve discussed the merits of yoga, particularly for pregnant mothers, but I thought I’d point out some ways to implement yoga practice at home. In particular, I’d like to point you to Laura Phillips’ wonderful piece on implementing yoga at home. Taking yoga classes at a studio is a great way to start, but it can be just as rewarding to perform yoga at home. Still, for many, that can seem daunting.

As Phillips puts it:

“But how do you start? How do you stay motivated? How should you sequence? An empty mat can seem like an intimidating place, especially for beginners, but it needn’t be. Here are a few simple tips to get you started. It’s really as simple as getting on the mat, breathing, and listening to your body!

Just get on the mat.”

I highly encourage anyone interested in learning about yoga to check out Phillips Post.

Below is a video that beginner home yogis might find helpful.


Dr. Peter McIlveen