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Years ago, if you mentioned pregnancy and technology in the same sentence they would look at you as if you had two heads. Well, times are definitely changing and they are changing quickly. A concept introduced at this year’s Biodesign Summit Challenge is proof of that.

Recently, a group of students from Artez Product Design Arnhem developed a solution to infertility that will exclude the necessity of a third party in the birthing process. Simply put, couples that suffer from infertility and have exhausted all medical options may no longer have to look towards surrogacy as a solution. What type of technology could make this possible?  The Par-tu-ri-ent pod, of course. This is a an incubation system designed for bringing a fetus to term entirely outside the womb.

How does the Par-tu-ri-ent work?  
The pod is an internet-connected incubator that could be placed anywhere in your home. The design has a clear lid so that each stage of the fetus’s growth can be observed. To connect the intimacy and bonding experience that occurs during pregnancy, the pod comes equipped with a portable care bag that straps o to your shoulder and stimulates the baby kicks of the growing fetus.

There is also a feeding device that attaches to the pod to ensure the growing fetus is receiving the proper and freshly prepared nutrients in the home. The Par-tu-ri-ent also comes with a microphone that can be used to communicate with the fetus for bonding and brain-stimulating experiences.

As excited as this idea sounds, there are no plans to make this into a real product anytime soon. However, as concept develops and collaborations with scientists begin there is much hope that this design will come to fruition sooner than we think.