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One of the most difficult emotional times for woman of all ages is dealing with depression. There are many causes for depression in women and each case of depression has its own unique circumstances and treatment platforms. But treating depression properly is always an important concern for all women.

While traditional depression is a short-term condition that is usually caused by an outside event, there are other forms of clinical depression that last longer than 2 years and should be treated with a more aggressive approach that can involve behavioral therapy and possibly medications.

Postpartum Depression

By contrast to more traditional depressions from life events or clinical depression, there is a third category of depression that is primary only to women and that is known as Postpartum Depression. This form of depression is specifically caused by pregnancy and post-delivery circumstances.

In many cases, Postpartum Depression is caused by the hormonal changes that women go through during and just after pregnancy. It is important to note that not all women who become pregnant and deliver children experience this form of depression. However, women that do can have a very difficult time coping with the emotional highs and lows of their life during the changes that pregnancy, childbirth and having a new child can bring.

Women who begin to experience a sense of sadness, emotional highs and lows, uncertainties and anxiety while pregnant or after delivery, should consult with their primary or obstetrician physician to be sure to get proper care for this form of depression. Most obstetricians and primary doctors are very familiar with this form of depression and work regularly with their patients to treat this.